Runs to Interesting Places

Running to Interesting Places

Running to Interesting places, came out of a real and personal desire from our founder Paul Etheridge to discover runs that were off the beaten track, interesting and which could end in relaxing lunch. 

The British Countryside and coastline offer some stunning running routes. Our mission with Runs to Interesting Places is to help you explore these safely in small groups guided by qualified running leaders and coaches. Always with a social bias we want to offer you a memorable positive running experience as an alternative to the many competitive races in the running calendar.

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What are they?

Runs to interesting places are just that. We choose a scenic route which always ends in a great venue for lunch

How long are they?

The runs offer routes of 5 miles up to 13 miles. The runs are social and cater for all running abilities. We run for a bit, wait for the group to get back together enjoy the views and chat.

Is travel included?

Travel to the starting point is not included. If we need to catch a ferry that will be included in the price.

Why should I come along?

If you love running, aren’t interested in racing, want to explore new run routes, meet like minded people and enjoy a lunch afterwards, this is for you.

What does the price include?

Guided run by a UKA Coach, lunch and ferry crossings where applicable.

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