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For some running is an obsession and their whole life is geared around the next training session or preparing for the next race.

That is okay if you are or are striving to be elite but for most of us running is just one part of our varied lives.

Running is a fantastic way of keeping in shape, of managing your weight, to meet new people, of setting and achieving challenges/goals.

We also think that every now and then after you have a good week of training and sensible eating you should allow yourself a nice piece of cake.

Explore a little and and enjoy our tips, thoughts and great cake recipes.


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Thank you for arranging such a terrific run yesterday. Following the fabulous IOW jollies I never imagined you would discover a more interesting, scenic and challenging route, but you did!

You obviously devoted a good deal of time and effort in the planning. It is a huge responsibility to take such a large group of over excited, unpredictable, somewhat ageing, and very talkative runners on a day out. I really appreciate your commitment to the ‘runhardeatcake’ team and am very grateful to you for all you do.


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