The Sub 2 Hour Marathon

Well the Nike Team in Monza nearly made it finishing the attempt in 2 hours 23 seconds. That is really fast, an average pace of 4.36 minutes per mile, wow! The world record for the marathon has been slowly decreasing over the last 100 years and currently stands at 2:02:57 set by Dennis Kimetto at the Berlin Marathon in 2014. I think that there is a general acceptance that it could take years for the sub 2 hours mark to be beaten in a conventional race. When a new record has been set, the time has only improved by on average 26 seconds and as a new record was last set in 2014 it is evident that a sub 2 world record is some way off.

I was a bit sceptical about the merits of trying to break 2 hours outside of a race, it would after all have no legitimacy as a world record. However having read about the attempt and understanding that it was a scientific experiment, great idea. The scientists involved have been testing Data Management and Bioinformatics, Nutrition, Bioenergetics, Biomechanics and Modelling, Training, Race Preparation and Performance, Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy and Anti-Doping. In running terms it is equivalent to Formula One racing where everything around the sport is developed and tested at elite level before new knowledge works its way into mainstream applications.

So in conclusion, a great effort and I am looking forward to reading about their improved understanding of distance running. Hopefully there will be some benefits for us mere mortals, after all we need all the help that we can get.