I am not Bolt

I watched the “I am Bolt” programme on the TV yesterday. Really interesting showing many sides of the fastest man on the planet.

A few things grabbed my attention.

The first was that he has a strong team around him. Without that team I doubt that he would have become one of the very best athletes the World has ever seen. As amateurs we may not have a full professional team around us but we do need a supporting team of friends and family. Apart from encouragement they all need to give us time to train and to give us the best chance of reaching our goals.

Secondly he has never liked training but knows that without putting in the work and effort he will not get the results that he wants. The same is true for us amateurs and whatever you want to do whether it be your first 5k run or running a pb in a marathon you can’t shy away from it, you have to put in the right amount and right sort of training.

And the last interesting snippet was that he was really struggling to get his motivation back to train properly for the Rio Olympics, that was until he saw a video from Justin Gatlin promising the American people that he would be bringing the Gold Medal back to the Sates. “I don’t think so” thought Bolt and that video was enough to get him back on track. We all need motivation to train, we all need a reason to get out in all weathers and to put in the training required. So what is yours? Need to lose some weight, want to run your first race at your chosen distance, a bet with mates, you want to run faster than your son or daughter, you want to smash a pb. There will be others and it doesn’t matter what yours is, just has long as you have some motivation to run.