Training Plans

There can be little doubt that following a training plan written just for you with regular input from a coach whether in person or via telephone, text or email, will provide you with better results than following your own plan or one downloaded from the internet. The reason? Accountability! You are much more likely to stick with a plan if you know that someone else has a real interest in you achieving your goals. It is not very often that a training schedule goes exactly as planned often through pressure on time, injury or illness. Knowing that you have the ear of your coach will be a comfort and together, you can adjust the plan as necessary to keep you on track.

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Group Training

Training on you own can be a lonely experience. But training can be great fun with like minded folk. We have a running group which meets at the Downton Leisure Centre, just south of Salisbury every Friday morning at 09:00. The session lasts an hour and includes drills and interval training, on the flat, up and down some hills, on the road and through the fields. Everyone is welcome to join no matter what your level of experience. Several members of the group only started running a couple of years ago and in 2016 and 2017 they have successfully completed their first marathons and half marathons. Every one of our group running sessions ends with coffee and cake, of course!

Running group:

Downton Leisure Centre, Salisbury

Every Friday at 9am.

Runs to Interesting Places

Every so often we organise a Run to an Interesting Place. Recently we trod the coastal path on the Isle of Wight on a stunning 12 mile run to the Needles and over Tennyson Down. Runners of all abilities and paces came along and there was quite a lot of walking, particularly up the steeper parts. These outings are just great fun. Challenging terrain in a no pressure whatsoever environment followed by of courseā€¦.cake!

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